When will there be new works available? 

I release my paintings as they are completed in either collections or as individuals. Follow my instagram @caseyccreates for the most recent updates! 

Don’t hesitate if you see a painting that catches your eye! Pieces will sell out ;) 

Do you accept commission requests? 

Yes, I would love to collaborate and create that perfect piece for you! Email artcaseycreates@gmail.com for more information or to send in your request for review. You can also DM me on instagram!! 

How do you decide what to paint? 

Traveling is what inspires me the most! My creative spark ignites through exploring new places and discovering unique aesthetics. I‘m also inspired through my time spent by the ocean and the allure of coastal life.    

What is your style? 

My style is constantly evolving! I'm always painting and love to experiment with new techniques, mediums and color combinations. 

My artwork has often been described as embodying coastal charm along with chic and illustrative aesthetics.